Mental Health Football

Northampton Town FC Community Trust have partnered with St Andrew’s Healthcare to provide opportunities for patients that include education, physical activity, employability skills, volunteering and vocational opportunities.

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St Andrew’s provides specialist mental healthcare for patients with some of the most complex, challenging mental health needs in the UK. They develop an individual package of care for each patient to help them recover, focusing on physical and spiritual wellbeing as well as their mental health.

Activities that help patients to get active and involved in the community are greatly beneficial to their recovery, as are opportunities to learn skills which will help them once they are discharged.

We deliver 10-week coaching courses available to patients across the St Andrews Healthcare Northampton site over the course of the year, with patients receiving valuable experience working with a professional sporting club, gaining physical health improvements and strong employability skills including communication, teamwork and listening.

St Andrew’s Sports and Exercise Therapy Department, the Education Department and Northampton Town Football club have also worked together to create lesson plans to allow patients to gain a selection of higher qualifications and awards. The next stage of the education football pathway will be at GCSE level, whereby patients will be assisting and delivering sporting activity sessions to gain a nationally recognised qualification to use for the future.

The project has featured on ITV news and a short video can be viewed by clicking HERE

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The courses have been a tremendous success and meet the model that is being developed in adult education to support numerous vocational and employability awards. A number of other skills and qualifications were covered as a consequence, whilst at the time the patients were just enjoying themselves.
— D.Poynter (Adult Education Lead at St Andrews Healthcare)